Monday, April 6, 2009

An Announcement (alternate title...EEK!)

Despite our valiant efforts and endless protestations, son Sam (Sam of the 4.o GPA,  Sam the engineering student, Sam the "maybe I'll go to Med school, Mom") has decided to join ......the Army.  Yes, the actual U.S.Army....the one with real guns.

 Though we are immensely proud of him and are sure he will do well in any endeavor he embarks upon, we are obviously hesitant in endorsing a career that will most definitely include days where people will be shooting at him. Sam has signed up for Ranger School which will follow Basic training and Airborne school. Total training time will be 7 months before being assigned a duty station (so the current Mr. President has exactly 9 months to get our butts out of the Middle East). 

He leaves for Fort Benning, Georgia on the 26th of May (unless he is the victim of a debilitating, tho non-life threatening, 'incident' in the meantime - see Steve or Maureen for details on how you can precipitate said 'incident' and monetary payoffs :) We are planning to fly out for his Ranger graduation sometime in January, donations will be gladly accepted.

Seriously, and by far most importantly, we would like to ask you all to keep Sam in your prayers.  Pray for safety, wisdom, strength, safety (did I mention safety?) and the special 'don't change my sweet child' prayer....thanks all!

While you are at it, say a prayer for his mom (aka me) who is finding it difficult getting to sleep at night and he hasn't even left town yet!


Chorus said...

Prayers for all concerned!

Jeano said...

Yes! We will pray! I can only imagine how YOU will be (are) feeling! By the way, my big brother went into the army and they put him through medical school. Is that an option or has he decided pretty much on Ranger school? Either way, we will certainly pray!

Chiot's Run said...

My brother was in the Army for 12 years and LOVED it. He did a tour in Korea and 2 tours in Iraq as a convoy gunner. He's now "retired" from the military.

You must be very proud (although worried). Please extend my sincere grattitude to your son for being willing to protect our country!

vinesearch said...

Steve and Maureen,
Sam will always be in our prayers. I'm sure it's difficult, but as a U.S. citizen and taxpayer, Sam is exactly the type of man I would like to protect and serve us. We'll see you all in May.


Tesa said...

Will be praying for you guys Meg!!!!! Ohhh I can't imagine the day my baby boy leaves me :(

Julie said...

Prayers for you and your family! Sid went to Basic at Benning...tell Sam it is HOT there. He's also been to ranger school. And he's headed to Iraq in July. If you want more info about Benning, just shoot me an email.

Sid said...

For $5000, I can do the incident. For $6000 however, I can make it look like an accident that is covered by most insurance providers. It is our blue ribbon package. We provide you with documentation of the incident, video footage if necessary, and an iron-clad alibi. You can pick the body part to be involved.

Seriously, I serve and am very proud of the young men and women who forgo life's little pleasures to keep us safe. His simple act will make a difference in the lives of untold numbers of individuals around the world.

Maureen said...

Sid, your comment made me literally 'laugh out loud'....and then brought tears to my eyes....thank-you.

(we'll get back to you on the 'job' offer :)

Thanks to all for your kind words and offers of support and prayer. (Julie, I will be emailing you)