Friday, June 27, 2008

A Living Prayer

I commented on a blog recently and ended with what I consider to be precious words of wisdom (not mine)..."teach me to know what I knew then" and it really got me thinking (again) about what it means. It's such a simple phrase and such a simple thing to do....or not. I remember having the joy of the Lord...I remember knowing the 'peace that passes understanding'....where did these simple truths go...why do they seem so fleeting? Why can't I wake up every morning and know my Savior and my purpose? Would my life be different if I started each day seeking His happiness, instead of my own? (rhetorical question) I get so far off the path that I know I should be on....doing my stuff, my way...busy with kids, And I live with the regret of what 'could've been'.

...except I'm not dead yet so I guess there's still time to do something about it...right?

Teach me Lord to know what I knew then.....


Tesa said...

Great words Meg :) ur an awesome woman!

Nancy W. said...

I am back on that path - and it starts with obedience. Opening my bible in the morning out of obedience - which in turn gives me the desire to do every morning. I am reading a great book that I KNOW you will love. It is called Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George. I have thought of you many times while reading this book. It's a must read.