Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mom's a Prude...Get over it!

Trying to find a modest bathing suit for a 14 yr. old girl is like searching for the Holy Grail....though a noble quest, it is nonetheless completely futile. I would like to show pics of our adventure but that might be interpreted as promoting kiddie porn. Suffice it to say that after 3 hours and 11 stores we came home with a suit that is barely (no pun intended) acceptable and told daughter that she will wear a shirt over it at all times outside of the pool. Geez!


it wasn't me said...

that's hilarious. i like the way you describe this.

Wendy Melchior said...


My mother used to make me bend over and touch my toes in the dressing rooms of stores, then she would circle me, to make sure things weren't too tight or too revealing in any and all potential situation. I can remember that routine driving me CRAZY, but now I have an eight year old that I refuse to allow to grow any older because I see the clothes that teens are wearing. Did you see this?

Maureen said... daughters swim suit provides more coverage!!!

Thanks for stopping by Wendy,

ps. love your Mom!