Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Own Graffiti Wall

Working in the yard again this the rest of the garden planted, 5 tomato plants and green beans, plus I lined the whole thing with zinnias, vincas and allysum that my brother gave me. I love mixing vegies with flowers, makes for a happy garden. We were working on the walkway and in the process discovered that our youngest son had graffitied a big G on the back fence in the alley. Dad did not want to encourage other taggers to contribute their artwork to our property so we decided that it would be cool to do it somewhere in the yard and of course my darling daughter wanted to do it immediately. So, we wiped off the shed, got out the spray paints (as you can see we have quite a collection of beautiful colors) and all four kids (and dad:) got in the act (Brad added his this morning). I love the way it turned out and what was once a boring unnoticed corner of yard is now a piece of art....yea!


Nancy W. said...

It looks beautiful and so YOU! I'll have to come over and see it in person = so... when are you having me over for lunch???

Maureen said...

Let's try next week Nancy, the back deck is all clean and we can just relax and enjoy!

Deene Souza said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great idea!!!!!!!