Friday, May 30, 2008

Would you like some cheese with your whine

Last week we dug up another100 sq. ft of our back yard to plant more garden…more food (all 4 of our kids are still at home….God love’em) We’re giving up cable and cell phones so we can eat (and yes I know that sounds spoiled...but as useless as both these things are, we are USED to them and they're hard to give up) We are selling our gas-guzzling truck, which we actually USE as a truck…to buy a tiny unsafe cracker-jack 'pre-owned' car so we will not have to take out loans to fill the tank.

Geez, if I had money I would so be designing an electric car….come on Ed, you got money….you and your Hollywood friends need to do something besides asking grandmas in Idaho to contribute to 'American Idol Gives Back' (he actually wasn’t on the show, but a lot of overpaid egomanical hacks were….write a check for goodness sake!)

I hate being poor…ok, middle class…. I hate living paycheck to paycheck…I hate losing sleep over paying the bills

No point...just wanted to vent.


Nancy W. said...

Maureen - you have such a beautiful garden - even the dirt looks good. We don't get it (at least I don't) but God give us different means for different reasons. Personally, I am jealous of you and being able to stay home. I keep telling myself...."someday"

Steve said...

Preach on, Sister!


Tesa said...

Love the garden Meg :) and as long as you and your family has your health and you know Jesus you are rich :)

Besides we can't take all that crap with us anyhoo :) *hugs* ta ya :P

Brad said...

I live in this same nightmare...those nights when you can't sleep because you wonder how you are going to make it ($) through the next day. All we can do is hang in there and know that no matter what takes place in our lives (both good and bad) that God is right there by our side...even when we can't feel Him. Loved the post.