Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Two games left in the season for JV baseball (and possibly for Varsity as well, unless they can pull off an upset and win both of their remaining games) and because of my 'job' I have missed several of Wilson's games when I was assigned to cover other events....today it's softball. I guess that's the downside of making the big bucks
(ok, gas money).


it wasn't me said...

Those are great pictures.

On an unrelated side note: why on earth would you want to put a rating system on your posts? You are obviously WAY healthier than I am. I can't even bear to IMAGINE people judging me, much less ACTUALLY having them judge me. Requesting it even.

it wasn't me said...

I see you rid yourself of the "stars". What the hell was that all about?

"Um, no thanks, I don't need to know what a big jerk people think I am."

Or maybe that only happens to me?

Maureen said...

There was a rating system on my posts?....eek!!!!