Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Project

Every summer for the past 7 we have put up a pool out in our backyard, and every year our kids find new and creative ways to jump into it. Last year they actually built a platform that they run to, climb up on, and launch themselves into the pool from. (click pic to make bigger)

This year we decided to make a walkway/runway which they can use to perform their dangerous aerobatics into the pool....and Mom and Dad will do less of the inevitable grass removal from the water. We are either the coolest or the stupidest of parents. I have videos of last years performances....helpful to show emergency room docs when asked to describe how the injury happened :)

Steve is a broken concrete expert extraordinaire....he has a way of getting the pieces at just the right level and spacing so that it looks way more expensive than the few (ok nine) bags of cement we had to buy. I am the chipper (sounds way happier than the job actually is); I use a brick chisel to take the sharp edges off the individual concrete pieces so that they look more like stone and less like the found objects that they actually are. Our sons don't find nearly the pleasure in saving a few bucks that their parents do, Wilson decided to start his own blog on just that subject.

We always do a bit of decorating when we pour cement.... broken dishes, tiles, and the occasional marble or two make the process more fun (more frustrating) and much more colorful in the end.

Almost done.....

Actually, you can sort of see that the left side is not completely finished, I just didn't want to wait another week to post. More pics to come!


Steve said...

The pictures don't do the subject justice. This is a great project.

Who is the chicken-legged geek?


Tesa said...

Meg you have the KEWLEST backyard EVER-A :) I want to see one pic of the WHOLE back yard when its done k? plssss :P I wanna come visit and hang with you for awhile ur so much darn FUN! :P

Wendy Melchior said...

I absolutely love it. I will hire you if you want to come east. Just a beautiful work of art!

Maureen said...

You send the plane ticket Wendy and I am SO there!!!

...and Tesa, you are ALWAYS welcome to come for a visit, it's supposed to be 110 next week, are you busy?

ThisJane said...

that is just so so so so so so so so so so sooooo cool. seriously I love it!

Maureen said...

thanks made my day :)