Thursday, June 26, 2008




We happened to be in Fresno yesterday leasing an apartment for Brad to live in while he attends Fresno State next year (more on that later)...and of course we had to stop by the baseball field. No trip is complete for the Garver family without taking a look at the local baseball field (and I mean NO trip :). Suffice it to say, it was a fun day to be in town, the anticipation of the championship game for the Bulldogs was everywhere. We couldn't even get into the bookstore to buy a t-shirt; it was just too crowded. One gal at the Farmers market, rushing to get dinner preperations, said she planned her days around game time. We canceled an appt. in the evening ..."need to reschedule, can't miss the game".

Anyway, we rushed home so we could watch the final game at the local pizza parlor and it was really exciting to see this group of young men win. The TEAM of goofs and underdogs, the TEAM that seemed to not take themselves too seriously but always believed THEY could do it, ends up on top...pretty darn cool. We haven't attended a lot of FSU baseball games since one of Steves players (Adam Pettyjohn) played for the Bulldogs 10years ago, but it's always great for a 'local' team to win big, and this one was HUGE!


Wendy Melchior said...

My family and I watched the winning game on TV and my guys were so pleased to see an underdog (underbulldog?) win! There was cheering in the east too.

Deene Souza said...

Hey Meg . . . I think I saw your husband on 198 this week! Does he drive a silver car (maybe a Nissan or Toyota) with a Boston Red Sox license plate frame? I swear it was him . . . not that I've ever seen him, but just thought, WHO ELSE COULD IT POSSIBLY BE OTHER THAN "Mr. fotos by Meg"??

Maureen said...

LOL....I wish we had a car like that!...but I guess we can at least get the license plate frame :)