Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blueberry Fun

Steve and I headed south last weekend to a fairly local U-pick Blueberry farm near Springville. We love blueberries in pancakes, muffins and smoothies but on this day the plan was making syrup.

We definitely hit this at the end of the season because the berries were pretty sparse on the bushes and they took a bit longer to pick but after an hour or so we had gathered 7 pounds of fruit. And because of the inconvenience we got a cheaper price,
so it's all good :)

After lunch and a scenic drive home, the fun begins.

I've never made syrup, and the only recipe I could find had you draining the juice from the berries and throwing away the rest. I wanted ours with whole fruit in it, so I cooked the berries for a bit and then put some of them thru a fruit mill to get rid of about a third of the skin and make it more liquidy (is that a word?).

I also added pectin to thicken it a bit, I figure if it thickens it too much we'll just call it jam :)



Julie said...

Yummy! From the pictures, it looks like Steve did most of the picking?! LOL :)

Maureen said...

I was busy being artistic....tee hee :)

Chiot's Run said...

We love blueberries as well. Too bad the deer ate all the buds off of our bushes this winter so no blueberries for us. We picked enough wild black raspberries though so we won't miss them!

Jeano said...

The jam was wonderful! Thank you!

Maureen said...

Black raspberries...YUM!

And you're quite welcome Jean.

Pampered Mom said...

We're still waiting on our berries to ripen...the syrup looks so very tasty!

Chorus said...

This looks lovely Maureen!