Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My New Hero

Sometimes your kids do something so amazing, so mature,
so 'un-kid' like that you actually feel in some small way
that you've succeeded as a parent,
and that feeling is definitely a rare one.
This would not include the time your sons tried to light the backyard on fire having first 'borrowed' matches from the neighbors, or tried to 'fly' off the garage roof using cardboard wings, or tried to take an ax to the schoolyard
to deal with the 'mean kids'.....sigh.

Our lovely 15yr. old daughter is by far a better person than I was at her age (and in some ways, better than I am today). I thank God for her strength, her intelligence and her compassion.

And I love her to the Moon and back :)


Steve said...

Great post, dear. Not better, just following a good lead.


Jeano said...

Brava!! I agree with Steve... she has a wonderful example!

Julie said...

She's awfully pretty, Maureen!