Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Darn! I hate that I forget to take 'before' shots of this kind of stuff. We've been clearing out our side yard (and by 'we' I mean Steven :) of accumulated junk so that we can plant fruit trees in that area. Over the years any time we had stuff we couldn't find a place for it ended up atop a growing pile of debris in the unused square footage next to our house. This year seemed as good a time as any to start hauling it away; there comes a point when you just have to realize you're not going to use that old bicycle wheel or the rusted teeter-totter (we reached that point about a year ago but just kept putting it off).

This cupboard was one of the few salvagable things we found. I had some paint left over from our panty (we like bright colors) and it now sits outside the back door above the freezer. It's not a huge amount of storage but what the heck, I like the orange!

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Pampered Mom said...

Oooo!! I love, love, love it!!