Sunday, July 12, 2009

Read this....twice!

From an Amish sermon...

I hope you have come with the right preparation. I know many of you have. If we are thankful for God's many gifts, we will be filled. Filled with the word of God, the bread of life.

If we are hungry in a natural sense, we don't need sugar coating on our bread. The bread alone will satisfy us. But most of us never have gone hungry for natural food. So we often want to dress it up and make it fancy.

If we have prepared room in our hearts, we will savor the taste of the Gospel. Like natural food when we are hungry, it will fill us with thankfulness. But if we haven't prepared, over time we will lose our taste and pursue vain amusements.

And when we come to trials, tribulations, and temptations, we will lose heart. These we can endure only by a willingness to suffer them. If we are hungry for food, we can also hunger for even these hardships, and discover Christ's meaning when he says, 'My cross is easy and my burden light.' If we avoid the cross, we follow two masters; we place a severe burden on ourselves. We are of two leanings.

Christ leads us only along the straight and narrow path. Some may try to take a detour and still hope to reach the same destination.

Found in Better Off by Eric Brende

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