Thursday, May 22, 2008

Speaking of Being Thankful

Took Mom to the doctors office in Porterville on Tuesday. We scoped out the office first to make sure we knew where it was...have you ever wondered why google maps, Mapquest, et al seem to make a concerted effort to get you to your destination by the most convoluted route possible? I am always able, on my way home, to delete about 5 streets from their directions, and this was no exception. But I digress. We had some time before the appt. so we drove down the main drag and stumbled onto this restaurant.

Tho it was quite empty, usually not a good sign, it was actually pretty good and I would go back. We both had grilled chicken salads and warm bread with dipping sauce....yum! Afterward, we perused thru Mervyns...looked at clothes I can't buy (daughter to money for mom) and made fun of what people will actually wear public!

Great afternoon, loved seeing my Mom....glad she is still here....much thanks! (see...was that so hard?)


Tesa said...

Sounds like you both had a great day and some great time together :) that's awesome and most important!

Nancy W. said...

Another reason you should start sewing again! How much did your daughter's $250 dress cost you? (because that would be the minimum I would charge if I were doing it professionally!) I just spent $37 at hancocks and am making a dress, blouse, skirt, and shirt.

it wasn't me said...

You're such the good daughter Maureen. hope everything went well at the doctor.

Hi Mom!

Maureen said...

are you being sarcastic? Yeah it went well, the wall between the waiting room and the exam room was paper thin so I can pretty much give you a 'too much information' description of how she's doing :)

we do love that she is still with us Tesa....wish my dad was too.

and Nancy....soon as I can afford to have my sewing machine fixed, I'll start buying material!