Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wish I knew the Author

"Tenderness is what happens to you when you know you are deeply and sincerely liked by someone. If you communicate to me that you like me, not just love me as a brother in Christ, you open up to me the possibility of self-respect, self-esteem and wholesome self-love. Your acceptance of me banishes my fears. My defense mechanisms--sarcasm, aloofness, name-dropping, self-righteousness, giving the appearance of having it all together--start to fall. I drop my mask and stop disguising my voice. You instill self-confidence in me and allow me to smile at my weaknesses and absurdities. The look in your eyes gives me permission to make the journey into the interior of myself and make peace with that part of myself with which I could never find peace before. I become more open, sincere, vulnerable and affectionate. I too grow tender."

thanks for reminding me sis:)

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Tesa said...

Hmmm why can't people I don't like just go away? :)