Friday, January 29, 2010

Sam's Job

Sams unit with the 82nd Airborne has the unique distinction of being the Armys only Global Response Force. Their brigade is trained to be ready to deploy anywhere in the world as a first responder in a crisis situation. Before the earthquake they were readying for deployment to Afghanistan.

Excerpt from: 82nd Airborne to the Rescue Again

Capt. Andy Salmo, an infantry commander with the brigade in Haiti, described the global response duty as a mixed bag. "It's a love/hate relationship," Salmo said. "They see they're making a difference, and they like that. At the same time, your job as an infantryman is to fight somebody."
Soldiers see their brothers and sisters from other brigades heading off to combat in Iraq or Afghanistan, where the United States has been waging war for most of a decade. But a large number of 82nd Airborne paratroopers will record their first deployment in a small island nation where, at times, they stowed their weapons and handed out food to starving people.

(I think that's a good thing)

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