Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden Talley

I've been a bit remiss (don't you love that word?) in posting the garden totals this year, so here's a recap of what we've harvested from the garden(s) this year... far.

January – 32 lbs.
4 lbs. broccoli
3 lbs. cabbage
2 lbs. lettuce
23 lbs. pecans

February - 47lbs.
21 lbs. broccoli
8 lbs. cabbage
5 lbs. lettuce
5 lbs. cauliflower
2 lbs. snow peas
6 lbs. oranges

March – 22 lbs.
1 lb. broccoli
2 lbs. cauliflower
4 lbs. lettuce
4 lbs. snow peas
5 lbs. potatoes
6 lbs. spinach

April - 89 lbs.
4 lbs. broccoli
3 lbs. cabbage
3 lbs. lettuce
1 lb. snow peas
35 lbs. potatoes
43 lbs. peas

May – 76 lbs.
43 lbs. potatoes
28 lbs. onions
5 artichokes

June –68 lbs.
8 lbs. potatoes
2 lbs. onions
3 lbs. carrots
37 lbs. beans
18 lbs. zucchini

July – 232 lbs.
13 lbs. onions
21 lbs. carrots
13 lbs. beans
7 lbs. zucchini
27 lbs. cucumbers
7 lbs. peppers
5 lbs. peaches
139 lbs. tomatoes
- 81 lbs. slicing
- 58 lbs. paste

566 lbs. total

So for the first 7 months of 2010 we have harvested a grand total of 566 lbs. In comparison, at this time last year we had a grand total of 319 lbs. ....but we hadn't started our
sharecropping garden so that's not really a fair comparison. The tomatoes have actually been a disappointment this year. Despite harvesting more overall (in July) the production per plant was lower, and August totals will be significantly less than last year......sigh. But I've not quite given up hope yet. A lot of the plants are getting new growth and there are flower buds on them. We'll see if we can leave them in the ground long enough for fruit to develop. We have until the first few weeks of Oct. before we'll need to clean out the beds for our winter crops.
The race is on :)


Nancy W. said...

Here's my tally
a handfull of squash (OK, more like an armload)
about 6 green beans that we couldn't eat
1 red pepper
2 tomatoes - 6 foot high bushes and 2 tomoatoes!
About 4 super good cucumbers

Nancy W. said...

did I add that I'm envious?