Monday, October 25, 2010

The Governors Race

Hmmmm...... he makes some very good points.....definitely worth considering.

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Anonymous said...

While the article makes good points, a look at Brown's history during his first stint as governor disqualifies him from my vote for a singularly all-pervasive reason: During his term, governmental regulation and control over both business and individual freedoms skyrocketed.

While he may be pro-environment and a thrifty spender, it was under his leadership that California began to earn her nasty reputation as being unfriendly to business. (Dead last in the nation.) And without businesses, there are no jobs.

This time, his anti-business stand is even more prominent as he has attacked Meg Whitman (who only reluctantly gets my vote) ad nauseum because she is a businesswoman.

I am only voting for people who wish to decrease the government's involvement in my life. That's my key issue.