Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Point

This is something I have been saying for YEARS....only he says it better and less passionately* than I ever could.

*passion is my husband's euphemism for the intense emotional response I have to life's absurdities...most people would just call it anger.


Hijacked planes as missiles is something that would only work once. Previously, hijacked passengers and crew had a sort of assurance that if they cooperated, they wouldn't get hurt. Hijackers were after some other kind of demands, not killing everyone on board. Once the 9/11 guys blew up that bargain, it changes the likelihood of passenger cooperation dramatically, and radically reduces the odds of another success. If people know that they're going to die if the hijacker succeeds, they're better off trying to fight off the hijacker, it can't be any worse and it might be better.

All the security stuff is pointless compared to that behavioral shift by passengers and crew.

~John Alexnder Thacker


Jeano said...

Well said! This is great and makes a lot of sense.

Steve said...

But if all the potential heroes stay on the ground because of flawed x-rays or aggressive pat/feel downs, then who will save the plane?