Thursday, April 26, 2007

So after the game (and this is the good part) the coach told us that the school didn't have the money and could we all pitch in for trophies. The gal next to me immediately said, how much and when do you need it. I of course had to open my big mouth and asked "what did they win?".... I may as well have said I ate babies from the reaction I got. One mom said, "they're participation trophies!" another added, "They worked really hard this year". I said, well ....good job! and walked away. Unfortunately, the one person who would've supported my position 100% wasn't there today and so I looked like an ogre. Participation trophys!?!?! How bout we take them out for an ice kids really need a trophy for showing up and doing their job? I'll give my 5 bucks or whatever, but I'm not happy about it ....and I WILL be whining about it for the next several days.

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