Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Fast

End of the month (ok, slightly late) recap of our No new clothes/No China odyssey (or is that ODDyssey?)

One of the advantages of not having money is that there is no real temptation to buy ANYTHING matter what it is or where it's made. So our first month was pretty easy, tho I did throw away a pair of socks this morning that had holes in the toes and a rather large opening in the heal....the sad thing is that I wore them all day before noticing my rather calloused heal had been exposed all day because I was wearing slides...all day.
Oh well, at least I have more socks :)

Didn't really think about checking the pumpkins....thought it was funny tho that they had the sticker right on them. And the tea lights were another of those purchases where I kind of forgot to look until I was standing in the checkout line. ...whew.


Julie said...

I hear you about the lack of money = lack of purchases. Talk about living simply! So maybe buying USA is not going to be as hard as you thought?

Maureen said...

Well, Christmas is coming up and tho we won't be buying a whole lot this year we have older kids whose tastes tend to run to the techno stuff. We may have to do a real old fashioned holiday this year, simpler, more time with family, less shopping know, celebrate the birth of Christ.

Tesa said...

Meg that sounds like an awesome idea :) My husband and I have decided to keep it simple as well!!! It's about Jesus not shopping and gifts. I mean Jesus already gave us the most amazing gift can you top that one?

I miss you gurl hope all is well with you :)

Julie said...

After the "Christmas of so many toys for Emily (age 2 at the time) from family and friends that it was embarrassing," we decided to adopt a 3-gift plan. Now everyone gets 3-gifts and we like to say "It was good enough for Jesus so it's good enough for me." It has really turned our focus to giving rather than receiving because getting a gazillion gifts is not important. Plus, we always put a box together of toys that are not being played with anymore and take them to Goodwill.

Maureen said...

ooooh I like that idea Julie!!! Sounds like a tradition worth pursuing and one that means something.

and I miss you too Tesa!