Monday, November 24, 2008

Words Matter

And they say siblings can't get along, ours always say goodbye to each other before heading off to school...

Wilson: "Hey Annie, try to tell the truth 3 times today."

Annie: ...slight pause...."You're ugly, you're stupid, and I hate you!"

Isn't that sweet?


Conversation with a friend who I hadn't talked to in 4 months...

Me: "I'm writing the football stories for the paper now."

Friend: "I know, we've been reading them." ......pause....silence....nothing....ouch.

So I told her that I probably wouldn't be writing again after this season. I said that it was nice to be complimented by people in town, parents of the players etc. but was frustrated by the editing almost every week. I don't like it when changes are made to my stories. She responded, "Well don't worry about it, most people who read that paper are semi-illiterate anyway." fan base are morons.

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Julie said...

I've enjoyed your articles but I can imagine the strain it puts on you particularly when there's a tough loss. That exchange between your kids is HILARIOUS!