Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Home!

...for the chickens :)

It's not their permanent home (and it's actually the old compost bin) but we needed to get them out of our bedroom; it was getting pretty cramped (not to mention smelly).

They love having access to the garden, at least for the moment. Once we get the next wave of crops planted they'll have to settle for a bit less freedom. They're pretty voracious eaters and will gobble up (pun intended:) anything in sight.

For now they are doing a great job of composting the last bits of winter crops and fertilizing the garden for future plantings.

Pedro SO wants to get in and play (aka eat) the birds. 


myrtle groggins said...

no rooster?

Maureen said...

Not so far.....

Julie said...

The chickens look to be about the size of Pedro...I bet they could take him! :)