Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring Storm

It's been such an unusually hot Spring (again!) that even the appearance of a few clouds and the thought of rain can be refreshing. So when we get thunder, lightening, wind, rain, hail and a funnel cloud...well, my day is made.

Thursday evening, it went from 100 degree miserable to 25ft. visability in about an hour. Absolutely beautiful lightening, strong winds (trees uprooted all over town-see above photo) and then a brief downpour. I spent an hour running around the garden tieing up tomatoes that were blowing over. My neighbor even yelled at me to get back in the house as I was valiently trying to save my plants.
(what's a little lightening when spaghetti sauce is on the line!)

The yard was a mess in the morning ...

....and the fence in our sharecropping garden blew over, but overall more exciting than frightening....I love storms!


Julie said...

Wow. Glad that tree fell in the street and not in your house!

Maureen said...

Me too!