Thursday, February 18, 2010


Once again we are inundated with citrus....tho this year I had to go to Freecycle for lemons, much fewer trees around I guess. Anyway, we picked over 100 pounds of fruit and I spent
most of a day juicing and slicing.

Ended up with about 5 gallons of juice which I froze in ice-cube trays (then bags) for using all year long.

Also made and canned 9 quarts of strawberry lemonade (pictured above). We had several bags of frozen strawberries from last spring still in the freezer and needed the space anyway. I had intended to enjoy this refreshing drink during our long hot summers, but my kids discovered the jars and have already gone thru several. Oh well, strawberry season is in a couple months :)

I even dehydrated several batches of slices, tho I'm not quite sure what to do with my handiwork....

....but they do look pretty up on the shelf :)

Lastly, I made one of my childhood favorites....lemon bars...yum!


Pampered Mom said...

After finding my 2 yr old covered in diaper cream this afternoon I could go for some strawberry lemonade about now. It all looks very tasty!

Anonymous said...

Canning lemonade. You are a GENIUS. I need to get some REAL lemons...not the bland stock on my tree, and can me up some lemonade. Waterbath?

Maureen said...

Pampered Mom....tee hee :)
I remember those moments well, and maybe what you need is a glass of wine? mean the canning Queen has never canned lemons???
I find that hard to believe ;)

...and yes, water bath does it. Now I just need to plant some strawberries!