Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Cellar

For about the last 10 years (at least) we've had a mess down in our cellar that the occasional mild cleaning just didn't take care of. This year it got so bad that I dreaded every trip
down those dirty, cluttered stairs.

Despite the many plastic storage tubs, there was no organization and every time we needed something it was a major hunt, and frankly, extremely depressing.

So Steve and I bit the bullet and purchased a large storage shelf at Lowes and have started the process of organizing. We emptied the cellar, went thru every single box and threw out a considerable amount of ....crap.

We plan on buying 3 more shelf units (one a month) so though it looks better, we expect even more improvement in the very near future.

Labels on every container....yea!

There's still a few things I have trouble getting rid of for purely sentimental reasons....T-Rex here was one of the first stuffed animals I made for the boys when they were little;
the other was a Brontosaurus.

And while we were at it we rigged up a seed-starting area which we plan to expand in the next few weeks.

Tomatoes are up!

But the best part of the whole experience...
...I now love going down these stairs :)


Pampered Mom said...

I just love that fresh organized feeling! I'm loving your shelves. Someday I need to get me a few!

Steve said...

Great job,Dear! It is nice not to trip over things. You amaze me.


inadvertent farmer said...

That looks great...good job you guys! Kimo

Nancy W. said...

Wow - I'll bet that feels good! (I don't really know since cleaning hasn't been on my list of things to do for an eternity...)