Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Found Sam!

It's been kind of like playing Where's Waldo, but for almost 2 months now we've been searching for a familiar face in a sea of Army green and this morning Steve succeeded. Maybe we would be the only people to recognize the stance, the nose (sorry Sam) and the widows peak....but that's our boy!

Their brigade is the last of the Army troops still in Haiti. He continues to protect engineers inspecting buildings for stability and making sure the make-shift camps are fully prepared for the upcoming rains. Someone set up a basketball hoop so the guys are playing a little ball on their day off.
Their expected arrival date back in the states is May 1st.


Mike said...

Where is that picture from?

Jeano said...

Yay!! We've been looking, too! (And we've been praying for him!)

Maureen said...


Yahoo images is what I searched. Thousands of picture over the weeks. My brother Dan has been looking also. I talked to Sam a few weeks or month ago and he mentioned the times and places he saw photographers. He has also mentioned what he has been doing, so I tailor the search towards that also.

This one happened t be Us Air Force photographer with a series of photos published on yahoo.