Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Back Yard

This is the kitchen garden off the back patio filled with garlic and lettuce greens....

...and more lettuce.

Further out into the yard is our second fenced area (heart on gate). We originally only grew veggies in the fenced areas but have gradually creeped out into the other unprotected beds.

Potatoes in the front....

...and an artichoke plant towering in the background (with pea vines kind of sprinkled thru-out).

Another potato plant in a pot....and getting eaten by something.

Lettuce greens under the apple tree.

Right inside the heart gate are 3 cabbage and the last 2 cauliflower plants (the tying keeps them white). The cauliflower did really well this year and I found a fantastic recipe for a salad with pecans, cranberries and cauliflower (thanks Joyce:)

And the other side is filled with broccoli going to seed, more lettuce, and peas not growing up the trellis.

More slow-growing cabbage .....

...and a very messy potato bed.

Next I'll share the front yard garden :)


Anonymous said...

Sigh. I might as well give up now. This is just too awesome for words. I am discovering I have clay soil. When I win the lotto I will amend it properly. Until then...I will watch your garden fluorish while I open a can of Del Monte green beans.

Maureen said...

LOL! Let me give you some encouragement. Our yard is the result of 20 years of amending, sifting rock (part of it was a driveway) amending, digging up grass and amending. I used to dig down and fill areas with water to soften them up. Most times I would come back the next day and the water would still be there. Our son and his friends (when they were in 1st grade) made little creatures and vases out of the soil (aka CLAY) of which I still have :)

Your garden will be fabulous, trust me...compost does wonders (and it won't take 20 years!)