Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We have been digging up potatoes for the past couple weeks, tho the plants are not flowering and not ready to be completely pulled up they are producing edible (and delicious) little spuds. Every couple of days when I decide potatoes would be a good side dish, I go out in the garden and search in the dirt. Usually I just feel around under a plant, trying not to disturb the littlest spuds, until I find one big enough to pull up and ta da!

What's strange to me (and this is only our second year growing potatoes) is the difference in size of the tots attached to the same plant. Yesterday I found a couple that were quite big, tho they still had the lighter, undeveloped skin of 'new' potatoes. Hard to know just what we're going to find under there, but so far we've eaten over 13lbs. of potatoes...Yum!

(egg is in photo to show size)


Anonymous said...

I am more excited about the potatoes than any other plant in my garden. I think it may be because of the surprise element. I have already lost one of the containers to a disease, but because it was in a bucket, the rest are not exposed. Whew !

Maureen said...

I do have to say that growing potatoes has been the most fun I've ever had in the garden. You are right about the element of surprise...it is exciting to dig for buried treasure!