Friday, April 9, 2010

Transplanting Tomatoes and Peppers

As the seedlings get bigger, their containers must also. This week I've been transplanting the not-so-little pepper and tomato starts into their new homes to give their roots a bit more room to expand.

And as the weather has improved we also transport the trays to the garden during the day to soak up the sun.

Tomatoes don't seem to mind being uprooted and moved, and with each move they get planted deeper into the soil so their roots can grow along the stem.

It helps to pinch off any side branches.

Dirt filled to the top.

Peppers do not get the same kind of transplant instructions, they go in like pretty much anything else, soil line stays the same.

For today the newly disturbed plants stayed under the shade of our pecan tree. And not all the tomatoes got new homes.....must find more 4inch pots.

Happy plants :)



I did my transplants 2 weeks ago and used those plastic cups (You know the type used at keggers? Those big red ones.) They work in a pinch and if you went mad like me and started way too many seeds.

Maureen said...

It's amazing how few plants it seems like you have when they're in those teeny weeny cells. I guess I was thinking I would have a lower germination it's a good problem to have.

I like the idea of the cups....we may even have a few hanging around here - from our last kegger :)
I also get pots from my landscaper brother but he's just now putting in the spring plantings so I'm still waiting for his 'discards'.