Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carrot Juice

Because we actually harvested carrots this year, and are continuing to do so, I was able to juice the 8 lbs. we picked yesterday.

Steve is trying to hide the sweat on his shirt.
...note to self - garden chores need to be done in the morning!

Our kids will drink carrot juice in smoothies and with our handy dandy (Ebay purchased) juicer, it's a breeze to make.

Tho I am always underwhelmed by the amount of veggies it takes to make juice, we at least fed some of the pulp to the chickens, mixed some into our homemade dog food and the rest went into the compost pile....nothing wasted :)


Anonymous said...

Do you have any uses for the tops? Someone said something about "carrot top soup" on my blog once, but didn't give a recipe. I think they might have been referring to that creepy comedian, Carrot Top!

Maureen said...

That sounds interesting (and ditto on the comedian comment:) but we usually just give them to the chickens. They love 'em!