Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok....the Feed Store clerk MAY have lied.

The turkey chicks are bullies.....they keep pecking at the littler chicks. I'm not sure if they were the culprits but one of the baby hens died yesterday (not uncommon, but we didn't lose any last time). I'm thinking we may need to give them a very long time out.
(relax, we're just moving them to a separate box)

Yes, I'm talking about you.


Steve said...

It's funny, after listening to the chicks for a few nights they are a soothing way to go to sleep. A little chirpy white background noise. Certainly better than the dogs barking.

Anonymous said...

You are not insinuating that a salesman would bend the truth to make a sale, are you? Say it ain't so!!!

Maureen said...

Afraid so Kris....and he specifically told us that we could raise them together.....liar!