Monday, June 18, 2007

Dance Recital

Beautiful daughter, not such a great shot. The lighting was so dim that I had to set the iso to 3200, so there's quite a bit of noise in this one. But at least I wasn't using flash like 39 other people in the auditorium. May I take this opportunity to impart a piece of wisdom to some of you who insist on using flash in a dark venue when you are more than 25 ft. away from your subject.
IT DOESN'T WORK (that's me yelling). Using flash at that distance (and that was the closest spectator, some were 50-60ft. away) accomplishes many illuminates quite nicely the backs of heads in the row in front of renders the stage completely dark because in flash mode, the camera automatically increases the shutter speed and closes down the aperture to compensate for the bright flash....and most importantly, it irritates pretty much the entire audience (at least the non-flashing segment). I can’t imagine the dancers are helped by it either, tho my daughter says it doesn’t bother her. Since I also purchased the DVD, I am curious as to how the constant flashing is going to affect the quality of the recording….we’ll see.

Maybe I should just be glad they didn’t bring balloons…..


Nancy W. said...

I can hardly believe this is the Annie we know and love. She looks beautiful and so graceful - and serene - glad you caught THAT on film! Now - if I can just find my own piece of serenity...

Maureen said...

LOL Nancy...but your'e right...from 40 ft. she does look serene...maybe I can ask to take that girl back home with me!