Thursday, June 21, 2007

Go Solar!

Just thought I'd share a pic of our photovotalic energy system (Ok... solar...geez). We have a fairly small (for now) system of 14 panels, but it's something. Now if we could just figure out where the energy drain on our house is, we'd be fine. We've done comparisons with just about everyone we know and the concensus is...our usage is higher than it should be. Even the electrician is stumped. Edisons energy auditor gave us an A+ after doing a complete examination of our house and appliances etc. We are very conservative with our electric usage and have replaced windows and insulation in half the house (all 1100 sq. ft. of it). Despite all our efforts, our usage remains the same as houses twice the size. We have our air-conditioning set on 88 (which just thrills our kids to no end) but even the whole house fan is using energy at an alaming rate. It's so incredibly frustrating to KNOW that something is wrong here but have no idea how to find out what it is..... be continued.

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