Friday, September 7, 2007

A family affair... the COS football game.

Brad is in the althetic trainers program, so he was on the sidelines...
...making sure that Sam would be taken care of if he got hurt (some of those guys are BIG)..

...and Annie was in the stands with a friend (apparently wanted by the authorities).

Fun Night!!!


Tesa said...

I love ur sons uniform it rawks i love orange though heeh :)

Nancy W. said...

Hey girlfriend! Miss you. Also, I want to talk to you about some photo stuff. How about lunch this week? - Oh, I"ve been faithfully been reading your blog, just haven't commented lately.

Maureen said... want to know if I would like to go get food? Hmmm...ok, if I HAVE too. I'm having lunch with my Mom on Thurs. so any other day would be fine.

thanks Tesa, and orange is actually my favorite color (you should see my pantry!)