Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interesting? fact #2

We have 12 cats (and counting) and every time one of them has an 'accident' in the house I scream and threaten to take them all to the pound....but when it comes time to actually cart them off (and my oldest son has offered to 'do the deed' for me) I just can't do it. I am such a sucker....and not in a good way:)
So... if anyone out there would like a couple of very nice cats (several of whom are fixed) let me know!!!


Tesa said...

lady r u ever gonna finish??? lol

Nancy W. said...

OK, since you are having some trouble with this one, I'm going to give you some interesting facts to post!
1. This lady was in the marines
2. She also has a degree in (something I know nothing about)
3. She is superwoman! (she paints, sews, makes dolls, cooks, scrapbooks, reads, does photography, attends bible study, gardens, builds, - ok, not all at one time, but still...)
4. Four is for four amazingly bright and athletic children.

OK, is that enough to get you started?

Maureen said...

You are too too sweet Nancy...I've had such a crappy week (let's do lunch) that for the life of me I couldn't think of anything other than occasionally I feel the desire to walk in front of a bus. Thanks for helping me get some perspective here :)