Friday, September 21, 2007

I've been tagged...

...and I am now going to 'tag' 8 people and then I will think about my eight things to share about myself. The reason I am doing it this way is so I can tag Arya before Tesa does (tee hee). We must all list 8 things about ourselves that maybe not everyone knows...the good stuff ladies.

I was tagged by Tesa, my goofy girlfriend from the 365blog...who I know (OK...hope:)would be one of my very bestest friends if she lived closer , she is an amazing photographer... very creative...and OMG she's a HOOT!

Here's my list of 8 (divided by 2 because I don't actually KNOW 8 bloggers)

1. Nancy
2. Ayra
3. Julie...hey sis...this just might get you started ?!?
4. Ruth...yeah I know she doesn't actually have a blog, but com'on Ruth, just post it on 365, we won't mind!


Tesa said...

Haha Meg I luvs u :) you rawk and we would for sure be over ur house all the time eating homemade salsa and choc toffee :) relaxing on ur sofa with my feet up on ur coffee table stealing the remote from the men in ur house to watch boxing :)

Awww thxs for the sweet comments haha but Lindy tagged me first and I hate to break the bad news to u darlin lol butt.....she already tag ayra and ruth LOL

Maureen said...

I really hate Lindy!!!

Tesa said...

ME 2....wanna egg her house 2nite?

Nancy W. said...

OK - just 'cause the others have been tagged, that doesn't mean you get away with not listing your 8 items. I've already beat you on that one - so get to it girl!

Tesa said...

ya I am waiting 2 geshhhhhh Meg wat r u doing making salsa? lol