Friday, July 11, 2008

Color just makes me Happy

This is the view from one of our gardens out to the pool...pole beans and flowers. I decided after I planted the zinnias in this area that we needed more food items in the vegetable garden (flowers for cutting would be a bit of a luxury this year) so I planted beans against the picket fence where the zinnias were. My plan was to pull out the zinnias as the beans grew to give them more room and plenty of sun...but once I saw the purty flowers I just couldn't kill them (what a sap). So now they are being forced to coexist; the beans will just have to reach to find the sun and live in a crowded world must we all.


Steve said...


What a great shot! This does a good job covering my stored outside stuff and highlighting your work. This is one of the reasons I love to come home and walk through the garden.


Susan Isaacs said...

Oh, but purty flowers are food. For the soul. LOVELY and filling too.