Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just because...

For a variety of reasons....not excluding, but not limited to his multitude of 'skills'.... I adore my husband Steven.

Plumbers apprentice...tho he was kinda of bummed that Alan wouldn't let him use the torch.


Tile cutter...for the backsplash at my Moms....which makes him a heck of a son-in-law too!

Drywaller (drywall guy?)...shown here with rare footage of his sons helping:)


Plasterer ....technically, he scrapes and I plaster, but 'scraper' doesn't sound like much of a job description.

Cement pourer.

Painter...and most importantly, he lets me pick ALL the colors :)


Animal lover...ok, that's not officially a skill, but I thought it was a cute pic.

He is Superman....really!

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