Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Loyalty Department

This is an actual department at Verizon. After informing several Verizon employees that you intend to cancel your service you are routed to the loyalty dept. where you get to talk to a Verizon Nazi spouting the company line hoping to convince you to remain one of the "millions of satisfied customers at Verizon" ...yada yada.

Actual comment from aforementioned employee/drone...after being told that my service couldn't be canceled until the 26th of Aug. because that is the billing date and all cancellations take effect as of the billing date....."But don't worry, you won't be charged any more for that time, you've already been charged for it, it's on your current statement" ??? huh...How is this information supposed to somehow relieve my concerns? ...I've been billed for it, haven't paid that bill yet, but don't happy. Why am I slightly insulted by this attitude? I keep thinking of the Seinfeld episode in the Chinese restaurant when Elaine is shaking her head and saying....
"Where am I?"

In this same conversation, I was told that Verizon is not a profit making business but a service industry (I'm sure the stockholders will be glad to hear that one), that Verizon's customer service has been rated number one in the country (sad state of affairs if actually true), that money is not why certain policy's are in place but rather because of customer requests (liar liar pants on fire), and last but certainly not the least bit true...."We do everything by the highest ethical, moral and legal standard".

I'll accept legal, but moral and have got to be kidding.


Nancy W. said...

Yeah, I love that "customer request" line and have heard it at other businesses, as well. Of course, if the CEO, who undoubtedly is a customer (or his/her BFF) makes a policy having the company's interest as a basis, technically, you could say it is a "customer request"

Maureen said...

And it just makes sense that customers would make requests that end up costing them more money...yeah, I believe that :)

Steve said...

As I listened to this conversation I was struck with the thought that this woman didn't just drink the Kool-Ade, she made a smoothie with it.