Friday, October 3, 2008


My first shopping trip under the new restrictions went rather well yesterday. I had to buy sprinkler parts for the new veggie garden in the front yard and was in Orchard supply putting them into my basket before I realized I hadn't even checked where they were manufactured. I needed the big black tubing, several connector parts and a couple of misc. parts. I could only find one label on anything and it said Made in I figured that because it was the same company making all the parts, I was safe. I made my purchases, got home and checked on the website...still no I emailed the company. I would like to report that Raindrip of Fresno produces their sprinkler parts in this country but so far I haven't gotten a response....I'll let you know.

But the most serendipitous moment came as I was checking out. Mom and I are in charge of designing our table for the luncheon on Sunday and thought it would be cool, since the theme this year is Halloween, to do a Haunted Mansion look with our table. We have candelabras, fancy china and good silverware to start. Then we are going to muck it up with cobwebs, spiders, a rubber mouse...and a skull. To complete the look I had been searching for taper candles that would drip to give it that creepy old mansion look....with big ole globs of wax running down the sides of the candles. I have been to several stores but 'dripless' is the norm so I was surprised to see on the checkout counter (of OSH no less) a box of Halloween candles....dripping, creepy-looking, white taper candles ....and right there on the label for all to see...Made in USA....yippee yahoo.

ps. I do have to confess that when I got home I checked the skull, rubber mouse and spiders that we bought last week and they are all, unfortunately, Made in China....but it was before our fast officially began and my Mom paid for we get off on a technicality :)

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