Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a Blessing

Steve's cousin (and my very good friend) Sara and her sisters are having a yard sale this weekend and she generously allowed me to go thru her clothes and take whatever I wanted ....FOR FREE! Now, this woman knows how to dress.....even my fashion consultant (aka daughter) was impressed. Annie insisted that I take a pair of designer jeans that she tells me would retail for over $100 (compared to my JC Penny duds which I get online for about $30). The fact that I have to lose 10 more lbs. before I can get them past my hips did not deter her; she was thrilled that I even considered keeping them at all. My fear is that even if I lose the weight I will still look like an idiot....a fifty-year old woman trying to look like a kid. Sara can pull stuff like this off, she is model beautiful and beyond classy. Me....not so much.

But....I did also get a blouse and black skirt that will be perfect for a fancy luncheon I am going to with my Mom and dear daughter this weekend. It will be nice to wear something other than the same black pants that I have worn to every...single... occasion...that I've been to in the past 3 years where I am required to dress beyond jeans and a t-shirt.

I also got ---

---quite a few nicer t-shirts, which is wonderful because most of mine have been ruined while painting or gardening. It's always been my fear that if I go inside to change I'll start doing something else and won't get to the dirty I don't and my clothes have paid the price.

---two pairs of very nice sweats for winter wear around the house; one of which is Ralph Lauren (eek). Most of mine have holes in them or (again) are paint-stained.

---several sweaters, one is lime green... my favorite color!

---a couple of very pretty blouses is my :)

---many (maybe 6 or so) long flowing type preferred mode of 'dress'. Love a good skirt and blouse with clogs.

Seems almost unfair to start our clothes diet with a binge....but hey, they're free and that's legal.....Yea!!!


Nancy W. said...

sounds like you hit the jackpot!

Julie said...

My best friend has more clothes than she will ever wear. I like to shop in Shannon's closet from time to time!