Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be's Christmas!

First day of shopping for Christmas gifts and I'm ready to be done with it....and actually this was just a little side trip that Mom and I made before her doctors appointment, not even a real shopping expedition. I was almost to the checkout counter at Bed, Bath and Beyond when I discovered that the jewelry stand I had picked up for my dear daughter was indeed Made in China....back on the shelf it went. Perusing the selection of crock-pots for son away at college (hey, it was on his list) and I decided to get him the wine glasses he asked for instead (made in of all places...the USA :) Kind of cheated there tho, cause grandma ended up buying him the Made in China crock-pot at Target (and in case you're wondering, he doesn't read my blog).

With our finances in the sad state they are, Christmas shopping should be a fairly easy task....not much money to spend, not much stuff we can buy. The situation has kind of forced us to think about what Christmas is truly all about and Steve and I are more than OK with that....hopefully the kids will be too. I'm getting out the puzzles and the games and we are going to make toffee and watch movies and have fun, dammit!


Julie said...

I love that y'all play games together as a family. Our Christmas is going to be lighter than in past this year as well. Being broke is no fun!

Steve said...

Being broke hopefully helps one appreciate family and friends. Maybe the lost art of talking will resurface?


Julie said...

Ah, talking with each other! Actually, we've been doing that this weekend because the kids had TV privileges taken away. Who knew there were other things to do besides sit in front of the idiot box?! :)