Friday, December 19, 2008

For my brother Mike

Maybe, if you're not sure how to spell should just go with Semper Fi.

Semper Fidelis....Always Faithful...USMC


Chorus said...

I don't know... there's something about Semper Fidlis that also sounds meaningful... Maybe not, eh?

Thanks for visiting!

Maureen said...

and I like that it's all one word...semperfidlis...always stupid?

This is the first sign welcoming you into town (not ours, we were there for basketball) wouldn't you think the VETERANS would know how to spell this?

Maureen said...

ps. and you're welcome, I like your blog...I'll be back :)

Mike said...

Hey, we're known for our dedication and hard work, not our intelligence. :-) It's not like they could just type it into an Internet search engine and...oh, yeah you can. I guess it's the thought that counts. And thanks for the thought, Maureen.

Your brother, Mike.

Maureen said...

Steve says it was probably some Army guys that put it up there :)

Steve said...

Marines may not be know for their brain wattage, but the two I know, You, Sweety, and Mike, would know how to spell that Latin term.

Venemous, Vidimous, Vicimous.