Monday, December 8, 2008

Too Funny...

...and too true!

Thanks to Susan Isaacs and my brother John (great minds think alike:)


Julie said...

That's hilarious! I'm gonna send people over here to see it. :)

Steve said...

Patience. That is what has been lost. We don't have to do everything NOW.

My grandmother tells the story of washing clothes and sheets before "automatic" washers. The "blued" the sheets to make them appear cleaner and ironed the pillowcases. The "new" technology of auto washer/dryers would have made those jobs so much easier, but they weren't important now. The technology was used other ways.

Cells phones are great for communicating. Too bad the communication is "LOL" and "JK" instead of real talking.


MaryB said...

First of all - SO SO funny!Only things that true can be so funny!

Second of all, my airline pilot husband is goign to split his pants laughing at this. He has been flying professionally for 14 years, and is till awed by the awesomeness of flights and airplanes every day.

This also reminds me that on our last family road trip, I looked back in the minivan at one kid comfortable sleeping,two watching a movie, and all of us enjoying hot and cool beverages...I looked at my husband and said, "If Laura Ingall's could see the way we travel to Grandma's, she would die of a heart attack!"

Great Post - I look forward to perusing your archives!

Maureen said...

Mary...LOL, your trip reminds me of the commercial years ago that started out with the most beautiful view of an Arizona sunset, oranges and yellows and the mountains all aglow, and the announcer starts talking about the long trip and how nice it is to be in this new van with....ta da...videos! I thought it would have been more effective if they had shown bumper to bumper LA traffic and screaming kids that suddenly were soothed by Mary Poppins. But no, lets watch TV instead of the Grand Canyon....eek!

I don't think that ad was on the air for very long...thankfully.

Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is hysterical!