Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Movie

...but very sad.


Steve said...

This is not a good movie; it is an great movie. It is an essential movie that all should watch. It is essential because it shows what most miss. All some see is the uniform and think of death and destruction, and their minds conjure up some long, or not so long, forgotten hatred or anger.They miss the essential points of service and honor.

We are called upon to serve our fellow man. How many really do that?

More importantly is the honoring of those that serve. Many don't understand the meaning of honor because they are serving themselves, not their fellow man. They cannot focus beyond their own noses to find someone to serve. They live so within themselves that others don't exist. How can you serve and honor another if you don't value them? They believe dishonor is more important because that makes themselves bigger.

Too many of us become complacent like the Kevin Bacon character in the beginning of the movie. We need to be reminded, just as he is throughout the film. Honor those that serve, and not just the military, ALL that serve.

Be reminded, and Honor them.

Jeano said...

Just seeing the trailer I am moved to tears. I'm going to check this out. Thank you.

Julie said...

The rule is "no reading/listening to the news and/or watching military oriented movies while Sid is on active duty."

But...I have seen this movie and it is excellent!

Maureen said...

Julie, we may have to institute that policy in the Garver home. At some point near the beginning of the movie I turned to Steve (tears in my eyes) and said, "I'm not sure we should be watching this".

...but we did, it was good, and we both cried.

...and our daughter wants to see it again.