Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look What We Found!

Yippee Yahoo!
Our girls are just a week past the 5-month mark and they are already laying....yea! Most of the books say 6 months is the average they start laying so we are thrilled. They had been making a lot of noise the last few days and we were actually starting to look around for a spot they might be readying. The new coop and laying boxes are not quite done so the nest is just a hole in the dirt for now. And once their new digs are open for business they may continue to use that area to lay, but we're hoping the boxes will be nice enough to entice them to change. If not, we may just have to lock them in for a few days to help them adjust.

Unfortunately, we can't eat these since we're not sure how long they been sitting around and it was 95 yesterday. But it looks like we'll be getting plenty of eggs for awhile, or at least until the cold weather slows them down.


Chorus said...

How lovely!

Tesa said...

OH Meg you're such a pioneer woman LOL.....I think the actual "pioneer woman" should have you over to her house to show her what you got :P I may have to tell her about you ahah......

ur so kewl Megyboo