Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pesto Day

I've been a bit remiss in doing much with our basil this year. Mostly I've just been drying it and putting it away so I can add it to various tomato sauces during the winter. But today it was overwhelming the garden and needed to be cut back, so I made pesto. I used my normal recipe but decided to freeze it in ice cube trays so I can take out just the amount I need to use. These will go into ziplock bags as soon as they are solid.


Chorus said...

Freezing the pesto in the ice cube trays... what a great idea!

I mix my pesto with mayonnaise and use it as a sandwich spread. It's one of my husband's favourite things!!

Julie said...

Honestly? I'm not a pesto fan. However, it looks good!

Maureen said...

..tee hee. You know Julie, it is kind of an aquired taste. I started making it because I always have basil and I use it fairly sparingly (tho I might just have to try Chorus' mayo and pesto spread). It's also one of the reasons I like freezing in small amounts because if I have a big tub of it, it'll go bad before I use it all.