Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nicos senior pics

Really starting to doubt my ability/willingness to go for the whole 'senior photographer' job description...I get sick to my stomach with doubt every time I get asked to do this, and I don't even charge yet...eek! This shot was one from today's session, it's acutally a 'mulligan' (do-over) from the session I did last summer but was not happy with (tho his family ended up liking them). His aunt really pushed to get me going today, she loves my pics and has been a big encouragement in getting me going. I asked for help in putting together a portfolio so she basically wouldn't let me off the hook here, and I ended up being really glad I went. I have always loved railroad shots and tho I don't care for this location (we were actually scouting packing house doors looking for something interesting) I do like the mood of the shots I got.

My issue tho is that I still don't feel like the shots are professional looking, like there's something missing. Not sure if it's my photography or my photoshopping that needs the most work tho. I started the NYIP photo course last month and so far it has been a huge disappointment; incredibly boring and not at all helpful. I'm giving it one more session and then looking elsewhere. But what I really want to be able to do is hone my photoshop skills. I think you can really take a good photograph and make it look fantastic with a bit of photoshopping.

My goal for this year is to improve my knowledge of lighting and how to shoot a properly exposed photo...and then to really learn how to creatively use photoshop. Mostly tho, my goal is to not give up!

...and to pick out a really good white paint for my kitchen cupboards :)

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