Saturday, August 30, 2008


In the past several years Steve and I have watched as far too many friends and family members have lost loved ones. Car accidents, suicide, aneurysms.... We've listened to sermons that have lifted us up, been amazed at Christian parents thankful for the time they were given with their child, and heard the cries of unjustness in their agony.

Personally, I've had to come to terms with being the parent of a survivor when all around me are casualties....and frankly I still don't understand why parents have to lose their kids and good people have to die. I've walked out of church on more than one occasion in tears...and in fact have almost stopped going to church because what I can't seem to reconcile is the ways of a loving God when it comes to taking children and young adults and mothers....home. I know they are in a better place....I do....but watching my friends and family just doesn't seem much consolation.

....this song a small, simple, but not insignificant helps.

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