Monday, August 4, 2008

Thinking Positively

I've written a lot this past year about my relatives...mostly, ahem, negative...and tho it has helped to have a place to vent my frustrations, it probably has not been the most productive endeaver. Steve wrote a few simple lines in his blog recently that made me stop and think of all the wonderful people we have in this overgrown family of ours and my on-line friend Arya gave me the novel idea of trying to look at things from a more positive perspective (not my strong suit). So I'm going to start writing, at least once a week, about the good in our lives...a list of praises as it were.

Today, it's family day.....

Steph and Ken, my sister and BIL. Steph is wise and pragmatic and I love talking with her about 'nothing at all' ...for hours! My brother-in-law is a kind, generous man....alot like my husband, God bless him.

Mike and Naoko, finally back in the if we could only get them to the West coast. As the oldest brother, Mike has sort of taken over my Dad's role of elder statesman whose opinion we seek he has Dad's wonderful dry sense of humor. Noako is amazing in how she holds her own in our large, loud, should-have-been-Italian, family. She is sweet and smart and their incredible children obviously take after her :)

Julie and Ruth, two of my favorite people tho I don't see them nearly often enough. I have referred to Julie as 'my sister and my best friend'....and I am SO glad she is in my life. She makes me laugh and she makes me think. Their faith humbles me and my hope is that they both would come to believe how special they are.

John and Ashley, the best brother and sister-in-law combo on the planet! (or at least on the West Coast :) Their incredible devotion to their special needs daughter Maya (princess of all she surveys) as well as their love for their other adorable children, Eli and Maggie (and each other) is inspiring. They definitely have their priorities in order and are always a 'brain to pick' and a shoulder to lean on in difficult situations.

Robert, my little bother, class clown, and landscaper extraordinaire (and one of the hardest working people I know). How we all miss your sweet Ana; but we love you and your boys Rob, you are doing a heck of a job.

Dan and Brenda, my Garver in-laws (Steve's younger brother) who I have come to appreciate for a host of reasons. We don't spend much time with them but they are two people who I highly respect. They are devoted to their children and their family and are just plain good people.

Lastly, there is my Mom. I have a hard time not tearing up when I talk about my Mom. I definitely have not appreciated her the way I should for a good portion of my life...the whole mother/daughter relationship is a very dicey thing (and it's not any easier for me as a mom, Mom :) But I am so thankful that she is still here with us, still able to go to lunch with, chat on the phone with, and have over for dinner...when I can stand to entertain her in our messy house. She is the best Mom I could ever hope to have and we are truly blessed.

...wheeew, I did it!

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